Create Your Life Worth Living: Career Development Advice & Mission Statement

Are you finding your career has become a little stagnant and you are looking to stir things up? That’s why we are here.  It doesn’t matter what line of work you are looking to get into, finding the right choice for your career can be a daunting task.  We want to help.

Many people that are the most successful and pleased in their careers are the ones who have been proactive in figuring out what it is that they are really looking for in their work. As soon as they have been capable of determining their goals, they make a strategy to go about accomplishing them. If you are need some advice on how to further develop your career then please take a little time now and learn how.

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The first thing you need to consider is establishing a timeline for yourself that has the career goals and your anticipated milestones. For some people that want to get into career fields like a Paralegal, it may take a shorter time frame than if you were looking at becoming a full fledged attorney.  Even attorney career pathing can be difficult depending on the type of lawyer you want to become.

This can and will be a practical method of managing your career. Another wise idea would be to bring your employer and their sponsorship and guidance into the picture and this will confirm that you have an inside coach that will help you get a grip on managing your career.

There are several companies that have their very own conventional programs that aid their employees in career development. For others, you will need to go after your own career developing in an informal fashion. When companies have their own programs then you can pretty much expect that they are willing to concentrate the necessary time and energy towards helping their employees in following and developing their career paths.

Your career path will be outlined on several occasions throughout the year with your boss. Just remember that the company you work for does not own your own career path, you do. However, the company you work for will be demonstrating its commitment to you by assisting you in any area you may need.

If you do not go through with creating a plan for your career developing then you may feel rudderless and have no standard against which you will be capable of measuring your growth and success.

If you want to succeed in a challenging workplace that often alters then you will be required to have a strategic career management arrangement. The boss of a company has a strong desire to attract, hire and preserve the employees that will provide the best benefits for their business. You must consider yourself to be a business with a product to promote as well as create a plan for marketing your workplace appeal.


Points to Keep in Mind

* You will need to pro-actively connect with your manager in conversations regarding your career goals and team up to build a career developing strategy. The most important chance to wield influence in this area will be to actually involve your manager.

* Feel obligated to explore the short and long-term skill requirements to achieve your goals. If you were to aim at being the Vice President of Human Resources, you must have a significant understanding of education, technology, skills, experience requirements and developing the temporary career plans for reaching your long-term objective.

* If you request one-on-one informational conferences with your managers and colleagues then you will enhance your knowledge of career alternatives. The reasoning behind these meetings will be to collect information that will aid you in making educated decisions for your career. You should expect that others will be willing to share their advice and success stories with you.

* Make it known that you are willing to volunteer to complete any challenging assignments and projects. Providing solutions for organizational problems is an excellent maneuver for advancing your career. It will also increase your reputation as a problem-solver and build upon your skills as well.

* Lastly, you should consult the Human Resources department and educate yourself on career development and job opportunities such as compensation for a college certificate or degree. As well, maintain your own momentum and dedicate yourself to constant skill building and improvement.

Start Working On Your Career Today: Our Top Tips

Are you hoping to improve your career development but can’t seem to brainstorm any ideas? Let us help you with a list of some effective methods in which to improve your career today. The first thing you should keep in mind is that when it comes to career developing, it is normally the smaller things over a longer period of time that will end up adding to you achieving the success you will strive for. You will be capable of reaping huge rewards in the long run if you get into the habit of making smaller improvements on a regular daily basis. Whenever you find yourself strapped with some free time and you want to be constructive, take some of these tips and apply them to improving your career.

Tip #1 – Find a Guide If you want to ease into some of these ideas then the first one we suggest is finding one person – or more if desired – that you respect and ask them to mentor you. Normally there will be at least one person that will be thrilled to take on this responsibility and pass along things that they have learned over the span of their profession.  This means that if you run a business in a specific industry, seek out professionals in Continue reading →

Take Steps To Improve Your Fitness Career

If you are into making New Year’s resolutions or just think it’s time you shook up your career a little, you should know that there are plenty of things you can do to professionally develop your career and place yourself in the best position for future growth. Lets not forget that with the direction of the economy, developing your career is no longer a luxury – it’s essential. Below are some beginning steps that you can take to improve your career for improving your career and moving it in the right direction.

Step One – Set Up Clear Goals and Measure Any Progress

Whether it’s a raise, new job or a promotion that compels you to improve your career, none of these things can be accomplished unless you are ready to set and stick to some palpable goals. As soon as you have finally established what your goals are, you will need to identify the intermediate landmarks that are more easily achievable. These will later enable you to measure what progress you’ve made. As an example, if you were to take a small business owner, you would know that he/she would be best served by focusing on some advanced goals such as improving the number of new consumers each month and/or the median spend per customer – which are two of the elements that the business owner can directly impact. This is opposed to just simply concentrating on the longer term objective of developing overall earnings.

Step Two – Get Out There and Network

It’s time to really start using the internet now. The World Wide Web offers you amazing job hunting and resources for networking, with sites such as, The Ladders, LinkedIn and Craigslist. But who can deny that nothing beats good old word-of-mouth networking?

When it comes to typing out marketing on your computer, there will only be so much you can do at the computer screen. This is especially true if you are employed in a career that requires you to physically perform.  You need to network and doing that may be as simple as reaching out to experts in your field.  If you are a personal trainer or professional kayaker, you might reach out to people that run various websites, perhaps someone that may provide reviews of the best fishing kayaks, or even someone that provides advice about tandem kayaks.  You could even reach out to local fitness experts that run sites to help improve your overall knowledge of your field.

You will need to make some effort to attend seminars, conferences, happy hours and even industry events. You must seek out the individuals that may be capable of helping you reach the career ambitions that you have laid down – not just for the current time but for the future as well. Remember to always exchange business cards and keep in constant touch with any other professionals that you encounter. You can take advantage of the holidays as well and use this time to reconnect with your already existing network – such as printing out holiday cards along with updated information to send to both current and former clients.

Step Three – Secure Recommendations from LinkedIn

If you have gone ahead and used LinkedIn then you should know that your recommendations there are equally comparable to customer testimonials. Because they are regarded as highly beneficial (as they are nearly impossible to counterfeit), they are an ever-growing necessity for all potential employers. So ideal has LinkedIn become that many executives and entrepreneurs alike are no longer accepting resumes but are now expecting all to submit link profiles on LinkedIn.

In fact, many believe that if you are in business and do not have yourself a LinkedIn profile by now, you are not intelligent enough with social networking to be relied upon in your job. You should offer to write up recommendations for both former and current co-workers so that you can increase your references.

Step Four – Update Your Resume to Current Times

Although many employers are moving away from plain old resumes, there are some that haven’t yet. You must make a great first impression with your resume and to do this you mustn’t worry so much about the content, but be more conscious about the style and format.

Step Five – Exceed Expectations

Regardless of how long you have been at the job, you must always prove yourself and strive to go beyond all expectations put before you. This will generate progressive value for both your company and reputation.